Trends in Wireless Communication – A seminar @ Wisermind

Trends in Wireless Communication – A seminar @ Wisermind

Wisermind organized a Seminar on “Trends in Wireless Communication” on 27 July 2013.
Experts from Industry & Academia were invited to share their experiences on how they can interact and bridge the gap between them so as to be mutually beneficial to each other and provide industry ready student.
Mr. Amjad Beg Director Engineering from Aricent Technologies at Gurgaon spoke about the importance of research and initiative in educational institutions. He also enthralled the audience by sharing some of the latest trends and advancements in wireless communication domain.
Dr. Lovleen Gaur, Phd. University of Texas, Dallas represented Academia form Amity University, spoke about the practical solutions to problems faced by University Faculty members, students and Industry.
This was followed by presentation by students on “Wireless Technology & Embedded systems” from Wisermind students which was very highly appreciated by the audience.
The Wisermind Management comprising Mr. Mohd. Fuzail Amir, Mr. Vikas Prakash Gupta and Mr. Rajesh Srivastava too addressed the esteemed guests.
Mr. Amir inoculated students on various career options, their peaks & pitfalls and future trends in Tele communication field. Mr. Vikas pepped up the students and outlined the future “Knowledge Sharing Sessions” for students & working professionals seeking to upgrade their skills for better & much larger roles in industry.
Mr. Rajesh conducted the end to end seminar proceedings.

It was followed by an informal open house interaction between Industry, Academia and students.

2 Responses to “Trends in Wireless Communication – A seminar @ Wisermind”

  • zaffer hussain:

    Hi all,
    although i joined late on the day but the way things had proceeded was itself a witness something non traditional had happened.The people from academia had confessed that we are following a path where our students are neither exposed to new trends of technology nor have any contact with experts.She wished that experienced professionals should be consulted and hoped that Wisermind who has trained,experienced professionals would fill up this gap to its capacity.

    overall a good experience where students,working professionals,academicians,experts were on the same platform to share,exchange ideas.

    expecting such things in future as well from Wisermind.Good luck to you all.

  • Jagati Tata:

    I thought the training would be som kind of conventional classroom session lecture type, but it turned out to b a very unconventional knowledge sharing session in a story telling manner.
    Most of the sessions were imaginative and as very informative, interactive. Our responses to the situations got built up and got converted to case studies from our industry leaders trainers.
    Although the training program was of one month, it created lots of interest in wireless technology and we surfer internet
    till late night. Now, I can easily blow away the fear instilled in us by our seniors on Microprocessors etc.
    This training has given me a direction to plan my career path in wireless domain. I shall come back for my industrial semester and will recommend Wisermind to others. Thank you so much!

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